A perfect place for a day out!

An image of  an idyll. Small red-painted chalets in a dazzling summer sanctuary. The forest glade is inviting; you want to stay a while to allow your eyes and spirit to experience the peacefulness and well being.

Hanhivittikko summer pasture is today unique of its kind. The meadowlands and pasture are among the most valuable in the county. There is a variety of species seldom seen in summer pasture, and among the plants there is a number of threatened species.

A genuine pasture atmosphere that offers a variety of activities and experiences. The guides, the animals and the wildflowers make this an ideal place for a day out. The 8:st of June is the opening and it will be open daily at. 10-15 until 31 August. Pre-booked groups throughout the year.

A traditional cottage for rent (not for rent 2018).


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