Stay at Hanhivittikko

Not available 2020 due to Covid-19.

Stay at an idyllic place with small red-painted chalets in a dazzling summer sanctuary. The glade is inviting and makes you want to stay a while to allow your eyes and spirit to experience the peacefulness and well being. Today the culture reserve Hanhivittikko Summer Pasture is unique of its kind. The meadowlands and pasture are among the most valuable in Lapland. There is a variety of species seldom seen in summer pastures, and among the plants there is a number of endangered species. Hanhivittikko Friends runs Hanhivittikko Summer Pasture and here, you can also meet a lot of animals; mountain cows (the traditional cow), sheep, pigs and chickens.

The stay at Hanhivittikko will be a "once in a life time experience"! Simple but exclusive is the best way to describe our self-service accommodation, there are two different rooms, one bigger and one smaller, both with an open fire in a small traditional cabin. The cost is 300 SEK per night. Available 9.6 - 31.8.

The standard is like in the sixties. You must collect drinking water from a dwell and the "bathroom" is in a separate building. You must bring your own food and cook it over open fire or on a wood fired stove. There is no electricity or refrigerator and definitely no Internet connection. But there is a cold milk cellar where you can keep your food for some days. If you want to you can give the staff a helping hand when they handle the animals.

How to find us? Just north of Övertorneå, turn left from road 99 towards Överkalix and then after just 50 meters you turn right towards Korpilombolo, road 841. After 10 km you will find us.